Monday, December 25, 2006

A wisdom to deafeat

Many time in life we come across problems from where it looks that we can never solve these problems and situations look going out of control. At this point, nothing looks to becoming to rescue us from these problems. In these situations, we are required to use wisdom to defeat. Here I am sharing story of a donkey. One day, donkey fells in to a well. The owner of donkey tries everything to rescue donkey; however, everything fails. On the failure of rescue work of donkey, the owner of donkey decides to bury him alive in well, because the donkey was old and well was also dry. For burying the donkey, he sought help of villagers. They all start throwing stones and mud into the well. By realizing danger in situation, donkey starts shaking and jumping vigorously. By this action mud and stone starts settling on ground and raising the level of ground for donkey. Soon with his efforts donkey comes near the wall of well and jumped out happily. The owner and the villagers amazed to see it. World also behaves in similar manner. It through dirt on us, in the time of difficulties and tries to burry us under them by telling us that we are useless. This is up to us that how we use this dirt.

We can use this dirt and mud thrown on us constructively and for uplifting our life. This story clearly shows us power of to defeat. In difficult situation, we are required to use this wisdom and defeat world and difficult circumstances. When we are in difficulties, then nobody will come to our help; however, everybody might tries to produce more difficulties for us. They will through all kind of dirt on us, so that they can bury us. Here nobody can help us. Only way to freedom is using this dirt in constructive way, because there is always lies a unique way to come out of it. Only we should be able to see it and use it till the end. Many situations like this come in our life, where we are rendered useless. This is actual time of telling the world, what is our potential. This is real test and we have to come as winner from it. The difference between a loser and successful person is very small. Successful person is who fight till the end and defeat the enemies. There is no wisdom in losing battle. We are born to win; this is the cause of our birth. Therefore by realizing the wisdom to we can emerge as victorious, with a surprise to the world.

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