Friday, December 22, 2006

Survey Frauds

Recently, we have seen lot of mails promising money for taking surveys. They say us to invest some money initially to get started. Their ads look very interesting and promising. However, reality was not as good as they claim. Surveys are very much popular in United States, because of large market available there. Companies don’t want to compromise with product; therefore they try to collect as much information as they can.

This leads to a survey industry in US. Many websites have come up with membership bases. According to them, companies contact them for getting information. This information is collected by posting survey on these websites. There members take on survey and get rewards of productive surveys. Lot of people earns money by taking survey in US. However things are even overstated for US. These sites claim are much then the reality.

These surveys are enough to get a handsome pocket money and not more than this. However, lot of sites has mushroomed with this business. Therefore competition has increased many times. Moreover every survey is not for each member. Secondly some wise people are trying to exploit this situation. These sites charge fee for guaranteeing survey or access to data base of companies.

Many people waste their money in these frauds. When the market of America got saturated of this, then they started looking towards, other destinations like India (emerging markets), because internet is becoming popular in these markets. More and more people access internet nowadays and it is also easy to pay these sites by using credit cards. So please be cautious of these sites and make a wise decision.By a Friend.

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