Friday, December 22, 2006

Indian power in service industry

India has emerged as the favored nation for the services industry. For twenty years back nobody can think about all this. Many believe this as a miracle, however, this not a miracle, but it has become possible due to the slow progress made in educational area especially in English in last 50 years. Indians are always good in adapting new things. Moreover the financial incentives have forced them to accept this industry (being incentives very lucrative).In America if you pay 100$ to your employ then this job can be easily transferred to India by giving only 25$. Secondly Information Technology has played a major role in it, which made it possible to transfer these jobs. Third it allows the people from the multiple locations to work on the same project. Even information technology has helped in increasing awareness level among Indians. Hopefully this process will continue in future. Best of Luck India

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