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Long Term Happiness Vs Short Term Happiness

For the whole life, we go on looking for happiness because happiness is one of the main purposes of our life. To attain happiness, we do so many things. But still most of the time we found our self-unhappy in the end of our life. Why? The most obvious reason is that we do not understand happiness. Happiness is like short term happiness and long term happiness. Long term happiness is the real happiness because it stays with us forever. We have to plan in advance, which type of happiness we want a short term or long term. There are many enjoyments in life, which gives us short term happiness. These are like laziness, sleeping, watching TV, listening music, playing or dreaming. I am not saying that we should not do all these things. However, do them only when they are required or you have free time. However, if we do them in excess, then they may give us some happiness momentarily; but takes the long term happiness away from us. Some of us ruin their whole life for these small pleas

A wisdom to deafeat

Many time in life we come across problems from where it looks that we can never solve these problems and situations look going out of control. At this point, nothing looks to becoming to rescue us from these problems. In these situations, we are required to use wisdom to defeat. Here I am sharing story of a donkey. One day, donkey fells in to a well. The owner of donkey tries everything to rescue donkey; however, everything fails. On the failure of rescue work of donkey, the owner of donkey decides to bury him alive in well, because the donkey was old and well was also dry. For burying the donkey, he sought help of villagers. They all start throwing stones and mud into the well. By realizing danger in situation, donkey starts shaking and jumping vigorously. By this action mud and stone starts settling on ground and raising the level of ground for donkey. Soon with his efforts donkey comes near the wall of well and jumped out happily. The owner and the villagers amazed to see it. World

Google/Adsense in new Avatar

Google/adsense traditional look was under lot of pressure do to non performance and many people even termed it as dead. However Google/adsense got a new lease of life through video ads introduced by the Google. Google/adsense’s video ads provide a good chance to Google regain its lost popularity and revenue. Google/adsense video is available in the form of video ads which looks more interesting as compared to traditional text and image based ads. According to Google, they currently do not have large number of video ads and therefore they are showing them on some of the high traffic websites. However they are saying that they are coming up with more new video ads for all in the coming times. People can easily find these video ads running on the sites like The advantage with these ads is that they look more from the advertising company then from the Google, therefore increasing the genuinely of these ads. The advantage to website owners is that these ads are more revenue gene

A dog friend

This is the original episode of last year. Last year, I was standing on the roof of my house. It had started getting some dark. I was feeling very sad. Life looked miserable to me. Every decision, I have taken up to now looked wrong to me. My confidence level was lowest and was feeling like a loser, who is not able to achieve anything. Luck does not look to be favouring me. Everything looks confusing at this point of time. Mind has come to a halt and it has accepted defeat. Body, mind and soul all are losing their equilibrium. Getting more frustrated while thinking about my future. For me no light of hope looks to be coming from anywhere. It looks as everything is lost. I have never been so much sad ever then what has happened now suddenly? This may be the frustration of not achieving my desired goals. In this comparing world, I am finding myself losing grip of myself and my goals. Things have not gone as thought by me. Friends and relatives success are forcing self comparison in me a


Mother is most fascinating word on the earth. It is the most known and spoken word. Researcher’s have the view that first word learnt by child is Mother . There is nothing in this world which can be put above her. She is near to God to the new born, as he totally depends on her. She is the example of selfless service on earth. She is doing an extraordinary service to the mankind without demanding of anything for it. Every human being is burdened by her sacrifices. None can take her place in this world. She is always with her child in all difficulties. She tries her best save us from the difficulties of world. We are the part of her. She has fed us for nine month in her womb. She has given us her blood and shared with us her food. With out her help, we have never come to this world. Therefore she is doing the job same as God. We believe that God gives birth to us, but we have no clear example of it. Where as the example of Mother giving us birth, are available from the time of our exis

Marketing Human lives

I am writing this article with great concern for men and women working in marketing field. For them life is not as simple as for us. Life is much faster for them and the main thing is that they have no time to recognize this fact. Now I am sharing the story of Mr. Anad (Changed name). In early twenties Anad found himself very lucky, when he was offered a job of marketing by a leading pharma company. He was very lucky among his friends to get highest salary. In starting, everything looked very rosy to him. Within two years of starting his job he became top performer and hot topic for every body’s discussion. He started enjoying all this. His manager always goes on praising him in front of others. Now he was not the same Anad. He started believing himself, something which is above others. He started believing that he can do any sales at any time. With the achievement of sales he also started getting handsome incentives. He started to live lavishly and joined exclusive clubs, also boug

Using Credit Cards effectively

Credit cards are here from long time and Lots of people use them around the world. However, still a doubt for them exists in many peoples mind. We see many people coming everyday in the trap of credit cards and losing their money. Here who should be blame, the credit card or the user? If we see deep inside, both are responsible for it. Credit cards, are promoted as the alternative for hard cash. We don’t require carrying cash. We can pay our bills and use cash on emergency. Main advantage is that unlike debit cards, they are not directly attached to our bank account. We require paying the money either completely or in partial installment after some time. If we pay in some particular period, we are not charged any interest. Moreover banks provide lot of schemes like reward points and money back offer. All these things look very attractive. But the reality is not as good as it appear to be. Many people fall in the trap of credit cards and found themselves in difficulties. Is this a fra

Strange Rush

There is a big humanitarian issue is burning in Punjab. Punjab is the richest state of India. It is number one in agriculture. Infrastructure is also good here. Every kind of education facility is available in this state and per capta income are many times betters then the other states of India. Industry is well established. Ludhiana is known worldwide for its woolen industry. All agriculture facilities like free electricity, huge resource of water and fertile land are provided to the farmers. In short very thing is available here to live a happy life. However, all this things doesn't look true by seeing emigration trends in Punjab. People all mad to go abroad. They can go up to any cost to go abroad. Most favored destinations are US and Britain. But they can go any where. This is clear from the last yeart story of missing six members of Punjab police rafting team in US. These guys are working successfully with Punjab police. They were well settled. Secondly they are supposed to b

Story of a shepherd dog

This is the story of a German shepherd dog’s life. Story starts with the birth of three dogs two male and one female to a German shepherd bitch in a big house of New Delhi. The main character of our story is the most beautiful of them Moti. Moti was born in a place where every facility is available to him. He had not to worry about anything. They were all taken care of very well. In the house they were living had every facility. Room had all the facility from toys to foam beds. So the Moti started enjoying his life with his brother and sister from day one. But his fate had some different stored for him. A servant of the house has eye on him. He was in the habit of drinking and for this purpose he requires money. Therefore on one day he took the Moti and sold it in the market. From their bank officer Mr. Sharma purchased him. Mr. Sharma’s family was middle class. He has a small house of three rooms and a small balcony. In his family there were his 12 year old son and 7 year old daughte

Fear of Death

Lot of people die every day in this world and death is biggest reality on earth. But still it is most unspoken subject. No one even wants to think about it. When we hear about it, a strange fear starts coming in to our mind. Why this fear exists, none can answer this question easily. One reason may be that we are from childhood developed to treat it as a fearful thing. Death is supposed to take our dare ones away from us. Have we ever given a thought to it or tried to go into its reality? The answer is no, because this is the most fearful question to us. The people in history who have tried to solve this question are not looked as good by our society and are mostly discarded. Secondly nobody so far is able to provide accurate answer. Most of the answers are questions in themselves. Even our religions are not clear about it. Every religion has its own theories and explanations. Most of them say that after death, we go into other world. They try to describe this world in their ways. Th

My thoughts on Osho

I always have a great respect for Osho because Osho’s writings have helped me lot in becoming a stable person with open and unbiased eyes. It is his bless due to which I am writing and putting articles in front of you. Below is the revised and edited article on Osho written by me more than year back. In article I have used present tense because I fill he is still alive in his sayings, meditations and theories. “We can say Osho a God or a Philosopher or a Guide or a Motivator or a Psychologist or a Friend. The simple answer is, everything is present in him. He was described as the modern Guru, who is much ahead of his time. This is true from his way of thinking. He has more followers abroad as compared to Indian. Most of his followers are from the high class and are mostly highly educated. He doesn’t have much fellowship in lower class, because he does not perform any miracles. He doesn’t says us to follow anybody or him. He himself is a highly educated person. His theory about world

Is Education alone Is Enough for woman empowerment

In last few years, we have seen considerable improvement in women education in India. More and more women are coming out of houses and are opting for education in India. That is why we are seeing lot of women on top positions in India. Women have overall seen considerable improvement in all areas. Today we see women in education, in Government, in teaching, in research and in forces. Today they are the CEO’s of top companies. They are running successful businesses. However, here arises a question, have these empowerments of women resulted in any improvement in women real life. The answer is no because women are still under lot of discrimination in India, whether they are educated or not. Let’s give you an example by sharing a true story of Mrs. Rana a lecturer in college and Ramawati (both changed names). Mrs. Rana is highly educated and she earns handsome money. Her salary is more than her husband, where as Ramawati is an uneducated women and earns a small amount of money by selling v

Indian power in service industry

India has emerged as the favored nation for the services industry. For twenty years back nobody can think about all this. Many believe this as a miracle, however, this not a miracle, but it has become possible due to the slow progress made in educational area especially in English in last 50 years. Indians are always good in adapting new things. Moreover the financial incentives have forced them to accept this industry (being incentives very lucrative).In America if you pay 100$ to your employ then this job can be easily transferred to India by giving only 25$. Secondly Information Technology has played a major role in it, which made it possible to transfer these jobs. Third it allows the people from the multiple locations to work on the same project. Even information technology has helped in increasing awareness level among Indians. Hopefully this process will continue in future. Best of Luck India

Survey Frauds

Recently, we have seen lot of mails promising money for taking surveys. They say us to invest some money initially to get started. Their ads look very interesting and promising. However, reality was not as good as they claim. Surveys are very much popular in United States, because of large market available there. Companies don’t want to compromise with product; therefore they try to collect as much information as they can. This leads to a survey industry in US. Many websites have come up with membership bases. According to them, companies contact them for getting information. This information is collected by posting survey on these websites. There members take on survey and get rewards of productive surveys. Lot of people earns money by taking survey in US. However things are even overstated for US. These sites claim are much then the reality. These surveys are enough to get a handsome pocket money and not more than this. However, lot of sites has mushroomed with this business. There

Why people love themselves and not others?

This may appear a strange question to many people; however this fact is a truth. We only love our self and are very rarely worried about the welfare of others. Even we can find this entire fact true in our relations for example a father may overshadow the desires of his child only to fulfill his worldly achievements. This is common story for many people around the world. Many people suffer due to these prejudices present in our society. The main problem is that these problems following continuous order. First they occur to the person then after some time victim himself start victimizing others. Therefore all this go on happening in the cyclical form. Due to this matter generations after generations suffer from all this. Now the point which comes is that why people support all this and do not revolt. The answer is simple; many of us do not have the required power, potential or guts to oppose it. And people who are able to revolt and find there own paths, they never commit these mistak

Welcome to my blog

It is very important to understand how we see the world because only then we can make best use of it or simply can enjoy it. This world is full of many things, many colors and many miracles. Different people have different views all about it. By understanding the others views, we can easily understand this world. This blog is also a try to do this only.

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Importance of clean environment

Read in Hindi  It is very important to take care of our environment because our health and our survival on the earth directly depends on the health of our environment. It is very easy to find dirt and pollution at many places across the world and a large population of the world is living in these bad and unhygienic conditions. People are drinking unclean drinking water and they are breathing polluted air; so, this pollution of the environment is causing many people to suffer from various health problems. Whereas if we live in a clean environment then we can live a healthy life and we can achieve this by understanding the importance of a clean environment. Sadly, we see very little being done to address this matter and we are slowly creating more polluted spaces on earth. Today, it is very hard to find clean places in several parts of the world. Slowly, the governments across the world are opening eyes to address this issue. It is very important for every individual in th

Who are Katoch? (Kuldevi Temple)

Katoch Kuldevi  Picture Katoch Kuldevi Kangra Fort (Jai Ho Maa) Katoch clan is a name of one of the ruling caste from India. Katoch is a prominent Rajput (Kshatriyas) caste of India and they basically belong to the Chandravanshi Rajput clan. Katochs have the main predominance in the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Jammu. Katoch means a good skillful swordsman and earlier, Katochs were known for their sword skills. Katoch Royal family is the oldest surviving Royal family in the world and they still live in 'Clouds End Villa', Dharamsala. Famous Kangra Fort A few of the great and famous kings of this clan were king Porus who fought against King Alexander, King of Kangra Sansar Chand Katoch under whom Katoch kingdom flourished and saw his golden period, and Rajanaka Bhumi Chand who founded the Katoch dynasty. The main link between the Katoch clan and Kangra (HP, India) can be established by the long period of rule by the Katoch kings over Kangra a

How to get certificate/documents in Digilocker? P.S.E.B Class X Marksheet

  Read in Hindi In the last article, I told you about the simple method to add yourself to the Google search . Today, I will update you about the DigiLocker and how to use it? We live in a digital world where most of the things are available to us digitally. This includes our important documents like school/college certificates, government-issued identity cards, other documents. We can easily access these documents digitally and they are 100% valid for all legal purposes. To get and store these documents, we have a popular app called Digilocker. On the Digi locker app, any person can find his important digital documents like Aadhar card, driving licenses, vehicle registration details, insurance details, and educational certificates.  Many boards and universities like Punjab School Education Board has started issuing fresh certificates through this platform only. The mark sheets for the class X, VIII, and V 2020 exams are issued through digilocker only. Now, we need to understand that D

Download Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) with Meaning App (Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes)

In 2015, I wrote a similar post for my Hindi Thoughts (Suvivhar) app. (To read this post Click Here ). In this post, I requested you to download and try my Hindi Thoughts app. I am Arvind Katoch and I am running my Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) and Quotes site for the last 10 years. Today, this site offers millions of Hindi Thoughts, Hindi Quotes, and Suvichar in the form of HD picture messages. You also get a chance to read the translation of all Hindi Thoughts with their meanings in Hindi and English.  To make it easy for you to read these Hindi Thoughts and Quotes, I create many Hindi Thoughts (Suvichar) App, and the name of my first app was Best of Hindi Thoughts and Quotes. With time, we need to leave the old app for the new and improved version. The last two apps got more than one million downloads and 4 plus ratings on Google play.  Now I have launched a new version of the app which allows you to even read the meanings of the Hindi Thoughts and Hindi

Videos and Pictures of Batt Puja Kangra Himachal

Kangra Belt of Himachal is known for number of festivals. Batt Puja is also one of it. This Puja is believed to be must for every married couple in this belt and mostly performed by every married couple. Recently, I also got chance to visit one Puja. This Puja is believed to help people by clearing their way to Heaven and help in acquiring credit of other fast and religious rituals. Though, slowly these traditions are dying and new generations are going away from these traditions. Therefore, I thought of uploading videos and pictures of this Puja so that next generations can watch our rich tradition. Video is not very fine still it provide a good watch. Video 1- Video 2- Video 3-