Friday, February 27, 2015

You pay the cost for being Lazy and impulsive

It is common to find impulsive and lazy people in the world, to some extent we all are lazy and impulsive by nature. However, with time we are required to remove these habits and become a responsible and smart person.

When we don't do so and remain lazy and impulsive for a long time, then we pay a good price for it. Often life is very shrewd and it doesn't spear anyone.

Due to lazy nature, we keep on postponing many important works and finally land in a big difficulty; and due to impulsive nature, we take wrong or hasty decisions.

Both laziness and impulsiveness is very harmful for a person. If any person wants to grow in life, then he needs to correct these habits.

Laziness and impulsiveness have never helped any person, but they have spoiled lives of many. Both of them, make you weak human being. In this hard world, we can remain behind if we don't become smart and strong human beings.

It is better to leave laziness and impulsiveness as soon as possible to live a better life. 

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