Friday, May 21, 2010

How I reduced my weight?

Just six months back, I was a slightly fat guy and everyone around me started noticing this change. I started getting lots of comments on various social networking sites about my increasing weight. My jeans size increased from 32 to 36, thus making it hard for me to wear my old jeans. At that point, I realised that my weight has gone out of control and I need strong measures to make it normal. Initially, I did various things like dieting, jogging and gym to decrease my weight but nothing helped. My weight remained steady despite of so much exercise.

The main reason behind not finding any improvement was intake of fat rich diet. I started doing exercise but I did not put any control on my food. The main revolution came when I did considerable decrease in intake of fat and calorie rich food and also replaced morning breakfast with juice only. I also continued regular exercise with this measure. Soon I found that my weight has started decreasing and in just six months, I reduced more than 10 KG weight through this measure only.

From this whole episode, I learned that it is very hard to reduce weight without putting strict control on our diet. I am not saying about eating less food but replacing fat and calorie rich food with fibre rich less calorie food. Today, I feel much younger and healthier thanks to decreased weight. For weight reduction, we need strong mental commitment which includes reduction is intake of oil and fatty food which we like.

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