Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Blogging Experience

Before starting blogging, I have no idea that I will one day do blogging; however, this is what we call unexpected outcomes of life. There are many good things and skills which I have learned with the help of blogging and one of which is online marketing. Today, I feel more confident in blogging which was not so with me when I started blogging.

One of my initial blog is On this blog, I have written more than 2700 article and still writing many new ones. The best thing about blogging is that it opens up many doors for you and you can gain huge amount of knowledge. Today, we see even big stars coming in to blogging which shows us the power of blogging. Second attraction in blogging is good opportunity of making money.

Already there are large number of people in India and world who are earning lakhs and crores of rupees with blogs. Though, money is not prime reason of my attraction towards blogging. I love doing number of experiments with blogging and raising few issues. By writing few articles, I get feeling of contributing something to society. Today, blogging is a great tool available in front of us and we all can make best use of it.

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I am from Kerala.As per the latest trends among the common people, UDF may get 15-18 seats, while LDF will get only 2-5 seats.. It will be a great loss for Communitst Party this time.

Dar said...

Hi I am from Kashmir I wish BJP to win & want to check how it can keep there promise of Demolishing Article 370. And Let my Indian brothers also know that is communalism harmful for us or secularism... GOD LET BJP WIN...Plz..

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!


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