Monday, December 25, 2006

Long Term Happiness Vs Short Term Happiness


For the whole life, we go on looking for happiness because happiness is one of the main purposes of our life. To attain happiness, we do so many things. But still most of the time we found our self-unhappy in the end of our life. Why? The most obvious reason is that we do not understand happiness. Happiness is like short term happiness and long term happiness. Long term happiness is the real happiness because it stays with us forever. We have to plan in advance, which type of happiness we want a short term or long term. There are many enjoyments in life, which gives us short term happiness. These are like laziness, sleeping, watching TV, listening music, playing or dreaming. I am not saying that we should not do all these things. However, do them only when they are required or you have free time.

However, if we do them in excess, then they may give us some happiness momentarily; but takes the long term happiness away from us. Some of us ruin their whole life for these small pleasures. For achieving the real happiness in life, we should be able to understand which thing gives us happiness and what are our main life purposes which need to be fulfilled. Most of us do not understand all these things that we have to go through some initial pains for achieving the long-term goals. But after achieving these goals, most of our worries go away and we found ourselves happy.

There is a clear example of a student, who study for the whole year and comes first in class. On the other hand, his friend watched movies, played and wasted time, therefore failed. The student who comes first in the class took the extra pain and sacrificed momentarily happiness, but achieved a bigger happiness in term of his success. Now, everybody likes him and quote his examples. Whereas his friend, who has gone for short term happiness is unhappy after the results. In this way, his small term enjoyments turned into long term unhappiness.

If we do not plan from the day one and for long-term goals, then we will be defiantly going to land in unhappiness. We require an understanding of things which gives us happiness; even it may be associated with some pain in the present. Our life’s aim should we to attain mastery in the field, which we like and get the exceptional results in that. You may be saying that it is not possible for everybody, but I will not agree, it possible for everybody with some proper planning and taking some pain. We should have the guts to attain our true happiness through our hard efforts. This is the real purpose of our life. If we do not do this, we will always remain unhappy.

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A wisdom to deafeat

Many time in life we come across problems from where it looks that we can never solve these problems and situations look going out of control. At this point, nothing looks to becoming to rescue us from these problems. In these situations, we are required to use wisdom to defeat. Here I am sharing story of a donkey. One day, donkey fells in to a well. The owner of donkey tries everything to rescue donkey; however, everything fails. On the failure of rescue work of donkey, the owner of donkey decides to bury him alive in well, because the donkey was old and well was also dry. For burying the donkey, he sought help of villagers. They all start throwing stones and mud into the well. By realizing danger in situation, donkey starts shaking and jumping vigorously. By this action mud and stone starts settling on ground and raising the level of ground for donkey. Soon with his efforts donkey comes near the wall of well and jumped out happily. The owner and the villagers amazed to see it. World also behaves in similar manner. It through dirt on us, in the time of difficulties and tries to burry us under them by telling us that we are useless. This is up to us that how we use this dirt.

We can use this dirt and mud thrown on us constructively and for uplifting our life. This story clearly shows us power of to defeat. In difficult situation, we are required to use this wisdom and defeat world and difficult circumstances. When we are in difficulties, then nobody will come to our help; however, everybody might tries to produce more difficulties for us. They will through all kind of dirt on us, so that they can bury us. Here nobody can help us. Only way to freedom is using this dirt in constructive way, because there is always lies a unique way to come out of it. Only we should be able to see it and use it till the end. Many situations like this come in our life, where we are rendered useless. This is actual time of telling the world, what is our potential. This is real test and we have to come as winner from it. The difference between a loser and successful person is very small. Successful person is who fight till the end and defeat the enemies. There is no wisdom in losing battle. We are born to win; this is the cause of our birth. Therefore by realizing the wisdom to we can emerge as victorious, with a surprise to the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Google/Adsense in new Avatar

Google/adsense traditional look was under lot of pressure do to non performance and many people even termed it as dead. However Google/adsense got a new lease of life through video ads introduced by the Google. Google/adsense’s video ads provide a good chance to Google regain its lost popularity and revenue. Google/adsense video is available in the form of video ads which looks more interesting as compared to traditional text and image based ads. According to Google, they currently do not have large number of video ads and therefore they are showing them on some of the high traffic websites. However they are saying that they are coming up with more new video ads for all in the coming times. People can easily find these video ads running on the sites like The advantage with these ads is that they look more from the advertising company then from the Google, therefore increasing the genuinely of these ads. The advantage to website owners is that these ads are more revenue generators than the traditional ads. With the Google video ads, we could hope to see new life in ailing Google/adsense. For getting these ads on the website, web owners need to adjust there ads setting to rectangle or square form and then must select image ads. Presently there is no guarantee of the display of video ads but they can expect these ads in near future.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

A dog friend

This is the original episode of last year. Last year, I was standing on the roof of my house. It had started getting some dark. I was feeling very sad. Life looked miserable to me. Every decision, I have taken up to now looked wrong to me. My confidence level was lowest and was feeling like a loser, who is not able to achieve anything. Luck does not look to be favouring me. Everything looks confusing at this point of time. Mind has come to a halt and it has accepted defeat. Body, mind and soul all are losing their equilibrium. Getting more frustrated while thinking about my future. For me no light of hope looks to be coming from anywhere. It looks as everything is lost. I have never been so much sad ever then what has happened now suddenly?
This may be the frustration of not achieving my desired goals. In this comparing world, I am finding myself losing grip of myself and my goals. Things have not gone as thought by me. Friends and relatives success are forcing self comparison in me and I am feeling ashamed of this state. Everybody is busy in his or her life and no help looks to be coming from anywhere and this is making me more and more helpless. Why is this happening to me? I am asking this question to God; however, like every time I received no reply.
Then suddenly my attention goes to a small dog playing in grass. I know him; he is same small puppy of my street. Puppy is alone, but still he looks very happy. He is rolling here and there. He is running and rolling on the grass like a mad dog. He looks like a most happy dog on this earth. His face is shinning like God. He looks like messenger of God. I looked at him and then at myself. Why this difference of happiness is present. Why this dog is happier than me?
If I compare myself with this dog, then I have much more than him. I have a job, a house and specially food for evening, where as the dog has to struggle for food in the evening. He has to even fight for all basic things of life. Certain chances are there that he may have to stay without food tonight; however, he is still happy, because he knows to live in this movement only. He not concerned about the future. He is enjoying present moment. He is not comparing himself with other dogs. He not frustrated by the happiness of other dogs.
Now by looking at myself, I have realized that I have gone lower than even a small dog in understanding life. My mental state is even poor than this innocent dog. What has happened to me? I have studied so many things. My knowledge level is much more than this small dog. However in happiness, he is a king and I am a beggar. The reason is clear; his happiness depends upon himself and not upon others. He is living in present and enjoying it. He doesn’t have very big goals to follow. He has no ego to satisfy.
Life is not achieving big dreams or creating wealth. It is much more than this. We lose most of our life in these issues. Most of the time in life, we remain busy in dreaming about our future or worrying about future. Or we remain busy in comparing our self with others. Why? Because, we have learned only this from society. Everybody around us is doing same thing. It is ok to Plan about future; however, it is wrong to miss our present while worrying about future. We all need to learn a lesson from this small puppy and start enjoying our life.
enjoying our life.


Mother is most fascinating word on the earth. It is the most known and spoken word. Researcher’s have the view that first word learnt by child is Mother. There is nothing in this world which can be put above her. She is near to God to the new born, as he totally depends on her. She is the example of selfless service on earth. She is doing an extraordinary service to the mankind without demanding of anything for it. Every human being is burdened by her sacrifices.

None can take her place in this world. She is always with her child in all difficulties. She tries her best save us from the difficulties of world. We are the part of her. She has fed us for nine month in her womb. She has given us her blood and shared with us her food. With out her help, we have never come to this world. Therefore she is doing the job same as God.
We believe that God gives birth to us, but we have no clear example of it. Where as the example of Mother giving us birth, are available from the time of our existence. Then way she is not above the God. We can remember endless examples of her exceptional work to us. She sacrifices her life for his children. In return she does not want anything from us. Her child’s happiness is everything for her.

I salute all these mothers on earth. They are the example of endless work of humanity. Without her we have never understood, what is love, sacrifice, compromise, and giving happiness to others. However, the some latest episodes are of concern to us. Recently we have learned lot of cases where children have left their mothers abandoned. This thing can not be done to creature of love. Second some mothers are found to abandon her children at railway station or in temple. We should avoid this type of thing, to carry on with this great tradition. Therefore we all should respect Mother and try to give her as much happiness as she can, because we will remember her great works, when she is not with us.

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Marketing Human lives

I am writing this article with great concern for men and women working in marketing field. For them life is not as simple as for us. Life is much faster for them and the main thing is that they have no time to recognize this fact. Now I am sharing the story of Mr. Anad (Changed name).

In early twenties Anad found himself very lucky, when he was offered a job of marketing by a leading pharma company. He was very lucky among his friends to get highest salary. In starting, everything looked very rosy to him.

Within two years of starting his job he became top performer and hot topic for every body’s discussion. He started enjoying all this. His manager always goes on praising him in front of others. Now he was not the same Anad.

He started believing himself, something which is above others. He started believing that he can do any sales at any time. With the achievement of sales he also started getting handsome incentives. He started to live lavishly and joined exclusive clubs, also bought new house and a car.

In meantime five years passed. Still he remains the topper. But things started changing slowly. He was now a married man and had two children’s. Now his income was nearly same what he required. Two more years passed as such.

But things now started to change faster; life started becoming harder for him. Targets were increasing and expenditure of the family was also increasing. Now he was not same Anad who used to spend lavishly. Things were not like past. Competition was becoming more and more tough. Newer and newer challenges were coming every day.

Now the problem with Mr. Anad was that he had not updated himself with new skills. He didn’t know computer and latest innovations. All these challenges slowly started eroding his base. His customers started going away from him. After next two years, actual problems started coming out. His sale targets were much more than his actual performance. To retain his position as performer, he started putting his salary into his work.
He starts losing his savings. He went on doing this thing for next five year. At the end of five year, he was a person with large target and less base. By now, he had nearly lost all his savings. Here started his real test. Achievement of target became nearly impossible. So, he started missing targets, first by 10 %, then by 20% and finally by 50%. Here started his bad days.
Now he was not the same performer for company. Nobody praises him anymore. Friends also started turning away from him. Company’s pressure started coming on him. In the company’s eyes, he becomes parasite. They start humiliating him in the meetings in front of everybody.

All these things were very tough for him. Person, who was once hot topic of everyone, was not liked by anyone any more. His 16 yrs of carrier suddenly become almost zero. It was a very difficult task for him to accept this reality. He became a very irritated person.

One day he was called to the head office. He was humiliated first and then given termination letter by higher authorities. While coming out of the office, he started weeping by remembering his old glories. He had never expected this type of end to his glorious career. When he remembered the faces of his family persons, he started shivering.

He did not know how he will reimburse the tuition fee of his son’s new school. But he will do about the Barbie doll wanted by his daughter. In his thinking, he unconsciously came in middle of the road and got hit by bus. He died on the spot. With him also died a small world.

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Using Credit Cards effectively

Credit cards are here from long time and Lots of people use them around the world. However, still a doubt for them exists in many peoples mind. We see many people coming everyday in the trap of credit cards and losing their money. Here who should be blame, the credit card or the user? If we see deep inside, both are responsible for it. Credit cards, are promoted as the alternative for hard cash.

We don’t require carrying cash. We can pay our bills and use cash on emergency. Main advantage is that unlike debit cards, they are not directly attached to our bank account. We require paying the money either completely or in partial installment after some time. If we pay in some particular period, we are not charged any interest. Moreover banks provide lot of schemes like reward points and money back offer.

All these things look very attractive. But the reality is not as good as it appear to be. Many people fall in the trap of credit cards and found themselves in difficulties. Is this a fraud? If not then by these difficulties come. The main reason behind it is that regulation related to cards is difficulties and sometimes misleading. For example bank says that the bills paid in 50 days will be interest free.

Bank counts its 50 days from its billing date of credit card and not from the date you have purchased the item.For say you have purchased item on 22nd of the month and your bill date is 25th of month. Now your bank will give you 20 days from bill date of credit card to pay the balance. Therefore you got only 23 days. But if you purchase goods on 26th, then your credit card bill will be generated on 25th of next month and you will be allowed 20 more days to pay the bill. Thus you got complete 50 days. Many people are not familiar with these formalities.

Moreover bank says you to take your balance to next month by paying some minimum amount. This is known as revolving balance. It looks very attractive, but it has its drawbacks. First you don’t get interest free on purchase if you are in revolving balance. So people got in this trap and land up in huge balances.Recently Supreme Court of India has warned the banks to give the clear details and send the bills on time. It has told the banks that if information’s are misleading or bill reached late, then the customers will not be responsible for it.

Lastly credit card frauds are very much common these days. Recently an Indian BPO employ was found selling the detail of British card holder. Card is like cash, anyone who has the number and security code can miss use it. So we require using it safely. Many replica sites have come up, to just steal your card information. But card like visa has introduced net card with limited liability for it.Nutshell credit card has its benefits and disadvantages. But with certain awareness we can use them properly. And by following the instructions we can avoid frauds.

Strange Rush

There is a big humanitarian issue is burning in Punjab. Punjab is the richest state of India. It is number one in agriculture. Infrastructure is also good here. Every kind of education facility is available in this state and per capta income are many times betters then the other states of India. Industry is well established. Ludhiana is known worldwide for its woolen industry. All agriculture facilities like free electricity, huge resource of water and fertile land are provided to the farmers.

In short very thing is available here to live a happy life. However, all this things doesn't look true by seeing emigration trends in Punjab. People all mad to go abroad. They can go up to any cost to go abroad. Most favored destinations are US and Britain. But they can go any where. This is clear from the last yeart story of missing six members of Punjab police rafting team in US. These guys are working successfully with Punjab police. They were well settled. Secondly they are supposed to be strong contender in the game.

Sorrowfully nobody turned up at the game venue. They all got missing in US for not returning to India. Now, if responsible people behave in this way, then what we accept from the simple people. Therefore Punjab is also known for illegal emigration industry. Every day lot of stories of frauds worth millions of rupees comes in to surface. Many people land in the prison of other countries. But no one is taker of these stories. Madness goes as such.

I am telling the story of one of my friend. His primary aim was to go abroad. Therefore in the wait his immigration, he first does three year diploma, then three year graduation, then two year MA, then one year Bachelor in teaching and two year Master in Teaching. He did all things to pass his time. He never thought how he is wasting the resources of country, which still doesn't have complete resources. So now, what you will say this is a madness or rat race.

What I have got by interacting with people is that they want to grow much faster. They frankly don't have much faith on India and growth in India. They fascinated by others success abroad. Question her is that is this thing good for nation like India? How long we will look other nation for our growth? Here we require a value based society, which has more courage to take challenges here. People should go abroad, but as pride Indians. A fellow Indian

Story of a shepherd dog

This is the story of a German shepherd dog’s life. Story starts with the birth of three dogs two male and one female to a German shepherd bitch in a big house of New Delhi. The main character of our story is the most beautiful of them Moti. Moti was born in a place where every facility is available to him. He had not to worry about anything. They were all taken care of very well. In the house they were living had every facility. Room had all the facility from toys to foam beds. So the Moti started enjoying his life with his brother and sister from day one. But his fate had some different stored for him.

A servant of the house has eye on him. He was in the habit of drinking and for this purpose he requires money. Therefore on one day he took the Moti and sold it in the market. From their bank officer Mr. Sharma purchased him. Mr. Sharma’s family was middle class. He has a small house of three rooms and a small balcony. In his family there were his 12 year old son and 7 year old daughter. His wife was dead years before. It was difficult for Moti to initially adjust in this house. This house looks like a prison to him. He has not much freedom here and even some time he was chained.

Moti felt sad when he remembers about his brothers and sister. The daughter of bank officer Praynka loved moti. She took care of him well. So Moti started enjoying his time with Praynka. He sleeps with her and plays with her. Only the time which was difficult for him to pass is when Preynka goes to school. He waits for her eagerly in the balcony. His life was going smoothly. But the God had something different written in Moti’s fate. On one day Moti was alone in home. Suddenly some thieves broke into the house. They were three in number. Moti was still small, but realized the danger. Therefore he jumped on them and tried to fight with them. However one of the thieves catches him from the neck and put him in a carton. Moti is barking inside it. But he was unable to do anything.

They with them also took the Moti and through the carton near the jungle. For one day nobody come to the rescue of Moti. He became like dead without water and food. Luckily from there a beggar was passing by. He listened that a small voice was coming from the carton. He opened it and saw the Moti. Moti was in a bad shape. He rescued him and medicated him. It took four days for moti to come out of this sudden misfortune. Now Moti was the dog of a beggar. He moved with him here and there. They share whatever they get for eating. This life was a test for Moti. As he had to face the hardness of sun and even sometimes he has to remain without food.

He became a wandering dog. He traveled many places with the beggar. In this time Moti has passed three years of his age. One day with the beggar Moti was passing front of a house. It was the same house, where he was born. He instantly remembered it and tried to run inside it. But the guard of the house stopped him and beat him with the steak. From inside two beautiful German shepherd dogs came running to gate. They were barking on him. Moti remembered they were his brother and sister. However they were not recognizing him. They both were very healthy as compared to Moti. In pain Moti goes back with the beggar.

They again moved here and there. In the mean time the beggar dies one day making the Moti alone. Now Moti was free to go anywhere. He had to manage everything for himself. Now he was finding the stiff competition for survival and nobody is to care for him. But slowly Moti managed his this life. He won a good place for him in competition to the other dogs. For two years Moti remains in this state. One day Moti was moving the roadside. He saw a girl while crossing the road. He recognized the girl. It was Pryanka. He started running towards her. Suddenly he realized that a very fast car was running towards the Praynka and going to crush her. He acted fast jumped on the Praynka, making her go out of the reach of car. He did it successfully. But got him self trapped in the accident.

He got himself very seriously injured. His body was bleeding heavily. Pranyka had realized that a dog has saved his life. But she did not recognize him. Moti had changed from a small puppy to a big dog. People appreciated his good efforts. But everybody is in hurry; nobody has time to help Moti. Irrespective of dogs good efforts nobody wants to do any thing for him. But Praynka want to do something for him. Her small age was coming in her way. She run and got some water for the Moti. She gave him water. Moti drinks some of water from her hands. Happiness could be seen in his eyes. He has done something for Pryanka. Pains were becoming very unbearable to him.

He wanted Praynka to say his name. He was only waiting for this. He slide toward her and barked in a slow voice. While putting her hand on his head Praynka realized that the white spot on the neck on dog looks like Moti. Suddenly Moti name comes out of her mouth. Moti is waiting to listen it only. Water starts coming out from his eyes. This is the happiest moment of his life. In happiness he forgets all his pain. He was happy to sacrifice his life for Pranyka. Within the few minutes he dies, taking with him all the sweet memories of his life with him. Writer’s resource-

Fear of Death

Lot of people die every day in this world and death is biggest reality on earth. But still it is most unspoken subject. No one even wants to think about it. When we hear about it, a strange fear starts coming in to our mind. Why this fear exists, none can answer this question easily. One reason may be that we are from childhood developed to treat it as a fearful thing.

Death is supposed to take our dare ones away from us. Have we ever given a thought to it or tried to go into its reality? The answer is no, because this is the most fearful question to us. The people in history who have tried to solve this question are not looked as good by our society and are mostly discarded. Secondly nobody so far is able to provide accurate answer. Most of the answers are questions in themselves.

Even our religions are not clear about it. Every religion has its own theories and explanations. Most of them say that after death, we go into other world. They try to describe this world in their ways. They divide it into two categories, one where good people live and second where bad people. If we do good deeds then we go to good world. But if we do bad deeds then we go to bad world. In this case religious God has supreme power and he decides about us.

That’s why many people pray to these Gods. Their main aim is to save themselves from difficulties and finally from death. But nobody has seen any God. Lots of claims were made, but no authentication is available. Even these are some of the controversial issues today. A Person is looked with a bad eye who doesn’t respect the religion. We were advised to fear God and follow the religion. Religious hearted are also result of these different philosophies of death and God. Every religion says their philosophy and God is real.

Every religion says in nutshell to fear and more fear. Many claims were made for life after death by many. Are they real or exploiting our fears? The fear was put into our mind by our parents, our society and our religion. This is clear from horror movies were the dead men are villains. Thus death is associated deeply with bad things and finally with fear. Even modern science has proved it that fearing is bad. It wastes our energy and time.

We can look into this fear constructively, by making our views about death more clear. Fear is also a good motivator, as it allows us to achieve many things in life which we are otherwise not able to achieve. Death is a natural phenomenon and it will come to everybody. Nobody can escape from it. Nature has made us to give birth, multiply and die. Our body is structured in this way. I am not saying you to not follow your religion, only asking to follow things wisely. We should try to make the fear of Death, a motivator for us to achieve more heights in life.

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My thoughts on Osho

I always have a great respect for Osho because Osho’s writings have helped me lot in becoming a stable person with open and unbiased eyes. It is his bless due to which I am writing and putting articles in front of you. Below is the revised and edited article on Osho written by me more than year back. In article I have used present tense because I fill he is still alive in his sayings, meditations and theories.

“We can say Osho a God or a Philosopher or a Guide or a Motivator or a Psychologist or a Friend. The simple answer is, everything is present in him. He was described as the modern Guru, who is much ahead of his time. This is true from his way of thinking. He has more followers abroad as compared to Indian. Most of his followers are from the high class and are mostly highly educated. He doesn’t have much fellowship in lower class, because he does not perform any miracles. He doesn’t says us to follow anybody or him.

He himself is a highly educated person. His theory about world and God are totally revolutionary. He is one of ever known revolutionaries of his time. He tried to revolutionize the whole system of religions. He is one of boldest persons who ever lived on earth. He challenged many kind of myths associated with religion. He doesn’t ask us to follow anybody or him. He is not in favour of most of religions and their conditioning to us. According to him, we are not what we should be.

However, we are the reflection of our parents, societies and religions. Our mind is totally conditioned to follow some particular alternates. We are imprisoned in to our minds. Mind is directing our all actions. According to him we should not be slave of our mind, but mind should be slave of us. To achieve this we should first un-condition ourselves from our past. He says us to not suppress anything, but express it in fullness and do it to the extent that it never arises again. Therefore, he is in the favour of open sex. He is only guru who compared sex with meditation. He is the first to talk about sex only still a much personal matter for lots of people.

He is master of psychology; this is clear from his theories. His meditation methods are masterpiece of time. He has the talent of making simple breathing in to a meditation. He is very bold in introducing new ideas. His techniques have done wonders to lot of persons. According to him we should be like a child, a totally unconditioned being on earth. He told us to forget everything and become like child again. He told us to follow our inner self. Live the life to utmost. Creating and breaking our own rules. Thus discovering what we are really?

Is Education alone Is Enough for woman empowerment

In last few years, we have seen considerable improvement in women education in India. More and more women are coming out of houses and are opting for education in India. That is why we are seeing lot of women on top positions in India. Women have overall seen considerable improvement in all areas. Today we see women in education, in Government, in teaching, in research and in forces. Today they are the CEO’s of top companies. They are running successful businesses.
However, here arises a question, have these empowerments of women resulted in any improvement in women real life. The answer is no because women are still under lot of discrimination in India, whether they are educated or not. Let’s give you an example by sharing a true story of Mrs. Rana a lecturer in college and Ramawati (both changed names). Mrs. Rana is highly educated and she earns handsome money. Her salary is more than her husband, where as Ramawati is an uneducated women and earns a small amount of money by selling vegetables. Her husband sells fish and earns equal to her.
Mrs. Rana even after being highly educated and earning handsome money does not have any key role in the major home decisions. Her advice was never sought after by anybody. All the decisions are taken by her husband alone, whether it is decision of buying a TV, Washing machine or a Micro wave. She is only a spectator. Even she has no control on her salary. She has to ask her husband for money. Not only the matters related to money but also the major matters like children education or buying a home, are taken by her husband alone. She was only reduced to a puppet.

Do you expect this type of situation of highly educated woman? But this is true with many educated women in India. On the other hand, Ramawati is an illiterate and earns less. Still she has the full control of her family. She takes all the major decisions of home. She takes all the decisions related to purchasing, or saving. Her husband does give all his money to her. She controls everything perfectly. She is not the sole decision maker, but she has major say. Her husband respects her decisions. She is also involved in major works in her locality. Her advice is always sot after. She was known for her skills to effectively managing her family. She is role model for many women like her.
Why there exists this difference? A highly educated woman is incapable taking even her decisions and an illiterate woman who not only take her decision, but taking the decisions for hundred of others. Is there any thing wrong with education? Obviously not, Problem is with the confidence level gained by the person. Education is the one way to gain confidence and financial independence. But this is not everything. However we can change our education system to make it friendlier and confidence builder. We should also encourage our girl child to come out and take the decisions from childhood itself and not to force decisions on her.

We should give deep look in to this matter and work for better development of women. We should work on other parameters, other than education to improve the situation women.

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Indian power in service industry

India has emerged as the favored nation for the services industry. For twenty years back nobody can think about all this. Many believe this as a miracle, however, this not a miracle, but it has become possible due to the slow progress made in educational area especially in English in last 50 years. Indians are always good in adapting new things. Moreover the financial incentives have forced them to accept this industry (being incentives very lucrative).In America if you pay 100$ to your employ then this job can be easily transferred to India by giving only 25$. Secondly Information Technology has played a major role in it, which made it possible to transfer these jobs. Third it allows the people from the multiple locations to work on the same project. Even information technology has helped in increasing awareness level among Indians. Hopefully this process will continue in future. Best of Luck India

Survey Frauds

Recently, we have seen lot of mails promising money for taking surveys. They say us to invest some money initially to get started. Their ads look very interesting and promising. However, reality was not as good as they claim. Surveys are very much popular in United States, because of large market available there. Companies don’t want to compromise with product; therefore they try to collect as much information as they can.

This leads to a survey industry in US. Many websites have come up with membership bases. According to them, companies contact them for getting information. This information is collected by posting survey on these websites. There members take on survey and get rewards of productive surveys. Lot of people earns money by taking survey in US. However things are even overstated for US. These sites claim are much then the reality.

These surveys are enough to get a handsome pocket money and not more than this. However, lot of sites has mushroomed with this business. Therefore competition has increased many times. Moreover every survey is not for each member. Secondly some wise people are trying to exploit this situation. These sites charge fee for guaranteeing survey or access to data base of companies.

Many people waste their money in these frauds. When the market of America got saturated of this, then they started looking towards, other destinations like India (emerging markets), because internet is becoming popular in these markets. More and more people access internet nowadays and it is also easy to pay these sites by using credit cards. So please be cautious of these sites and make a wise decision.By a Friend.

Why people love themselves and not others?

This may appear a strange question to many people; however this fact is a truth. We only love our self and are very rarely worried about the welfare of others. Even we can find this entire fact true in our relations for example a father may overshadow the desires of his child only to fulfill his worldly achievements. This is common story for many people around the world.

Many people suffer due to these prejudices present in our society. The main problem is that these problems following continuous order. First they occur to the person then after some time victim himself start victimizing others. Therefore all this go on happening in the cyclical form. Due to this matter generations after generations suffer from all this. Now the point which comes is that why people support all this and do not revolt.

The answer is simple; many of us do not have the required power, potential or guts to oppose it. And people who are able to revolt and find there own paths, they never commit these mistakes again, however there numbers is very small. Now from this self centric world it is very difficult to create a world which thinks about others also, therefore this entire thing make very difficult to construct a dream nation which is not biased towards any one. Today due to these reasons we see a world full of victims. Some are victims of money; some are of power and some of circumstances.
Many people survive, eat and die on the road only due to this self centric approach of few. People who claim of making this world more wealthy and prosperous are practically making themselves rich and prosperous. In real world of good people no one can die on the road with hunger, no one can die in winter due to no clothes on the body. We plays false claims of goodness, where as from inside we only love our self and working to make one self more comfortable. For making this world place for all we need to uncover our false good faces and start loving all the creatures of this universe or otherwise one day our self love will eat whole of the earth

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Welcome to my blog

It is very important to understand how we see the world because only then we can make best use of it or simply can enjoy it. This world is full of many things, many colors and many miracles. Different people have different views all about it. By understanding the others views, we can easily understand this world. This blog is also a try to do this only.

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