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Bad Dreams (Does what we see in dreams become true?)

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Bad Dreams

Does what we see in dreams become true?

I have been asking this question to myself for many years; therefore, I read many articles and books on this topic. When we go through such material then we get many unanswered questions. Sometimes, you even become more puzzled. 

The main problem starts when we start getting bad dreams like one is dying, seeing an accident in a dream, death of someone dear, loss in business etc. We become very frightened after such dreams and we ask this question, does this is really going to become true. 

There are many people in the world who believe that dreams are indicative of what is going to happen in future. Therefore, we find people like dream analysts and dream advisors etc. 

Have really our dreams been worth of taking so seriously? 

My answer is "Big Yes". If you are getting negative dreams constantly, then it is a sign of unrest in your unconscious mind, but they never clearly indicate that something bad is going to happen to you

It is a wrong belief put in our mind by society and some specific people that bad dreams indicate something bad. 

To understand a dreaming state, we need to understand the mind and psychology. Our mind is made of two vital parts Conscious mind and Unconscious mind. 

We live our day to day life with conscious mind which is approximately 5% of our mind. Whatever happens to us in a day gets stored in our conscious mind which remain there for few hours and then gets transferred to the unconscious mind. 

In general, we do not have control over our unconscious mind which is approx. 95% of our mind and it is very powerful as compared to the conscious mind. 

We keep on making new experiences and memories, and keep on passing them to our unconscious mind. 

As a alive person, we don't remember everything which happened to us, but most of them remained stored in our unconscious mind. 

Our past memories or experiences which caused us acute pain or acute happiness, they occupy more space in our unconscious mind. 

How Dreams Come? 

At night, when we sleep and enter a state of deep sleep, then slowly our unconscious mind starts taking control and it starts showing us dreams by mixing our present experiences with the past one. In dreams, unconscious mind highlight our hidden fears and weaknesses. 

Dreams are a great way to know the present state of our unconscious mind, When we are weak in our unconscious state then we start seeing negative dreams. 

Therefore, instead of fearing your bad dreams, it is important to correct your unconscious state. 

If you keep on thinking about your bad dreams and starts believing that something bad is going to happen to you then unconsciously, you will attract negativity and harm to yourself. 

So don't fear your bad dreams and they just represent the state of our mind only. 

Few methods to Stop getting Bad Dreams or Correcting Unconscious mind-

1) Avoid negative thinking and develop habits of positive thinking
2) Do watch a healthy and light program before sleeping like a laughter show. 
3) Cut negative people from your life. 
4) Learn to fight your fears
5) Increase your confidence level
6) Do exercise daily so that you can get a deep sleep
7) Do meditation, regularly, it will calm your mind. 
8) Do try chanting religious mantras before sleep, they have helped many people. 

I hope that this article may help you in taking control of your bad dreams. I have myself suffered this problem because negative dreams very common in my life; however, with these efforts, I have correct my state and sleep. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beautiful Parrots HD Pictures (Himalayan Multicolored Parrots)

Parrot, Himalayan parrot,
Parrot from Backside

Beautiful Parrots HD Pictures

Parrots are no doubt the most beautiful birds on this planet and there are so many people around the world who their beauty. Parrots are also widely used as pets and put in cages; however, I like them free in the open air. Below are five images of wild Himalayan Parrots searching food in crops. It took around two hours to take these five pictures of parrots which shows different shapes of parrots in wild. These pictures are taken in Himachal Pradesh.

The unique point of Himalayan Parrots as compared to Parrots from the plains is that they are more colorful than others. Below the pictures of Himalayan Parrots, I have also added old pics of Parrots from Punjab (the Plains), you can clearly see a difference in their colors. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to capture the pictures of Parrots. To Check more pictures taken by me visit-
Tree, Branch, Parrots,
Two Parrots on same Tree Branch

Parrot, Blue Tale,
A Parrot with Blue Tale 
Parrot, Backside,
Backside of Parrot 2

Parrot, Open Wings, parrot wings
Parrot with Open Wings

Parrot, Flight, Parrot Flying
Flight of Parrot
Parrots, Flight, Flying Parrots,
Flight of Parrots

Old Pictures of Parrots Taken 6 Year Back

These pictures, I took around 6 years back with my ordinary digital camera. These pictures of Parrots were taken in Hoshiarpur (Punjab). At that time, 10-15 parrots used to come to our house daily to eat seeds. Now, we live in a different house, therefore, I have lost contact with them. I like to feed birds and always want them to remain free and not in cages. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When you run behind things, they will run away from you

Every person makes a wrong decision in life to run behind things which he wants desperately. However, often this thing causes a negative effect and the things start moving further away from us. Then, we think what is going wrong, why things move further away when we move closer to them.

The answer is simple, life moves in this way. When we run behind things, then they move further away from us. However, most of us learn this open secret after so many failed chases. On the reverse, when we stop running behind things or stop expecting and instead work on our actions only, then soon everything starts falling in the right order.

Therefore, why to waste so much energy in running behind people, things and situations. Just do your action and live a free life without a chase or expectation. This thing doesn't guarantee that others will start chasing us, but one thing is sure that we will enjoy a great peace of mind and everyone loves a person who has a peaceful mind.

Instead of chasing things or people in life, we should become so strong that people or things start chasing us or at least try to find us.

Monday, January 26, 2015

About Chanakya and Chanakya Niti (What we can Learn from Chanakya's Life?) Chanakya Quotes

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About Chanakya and Chanakya Niti-  

Indian has produced many great thinkers of the world and Chanakya was also one of them. He gave us great work in the form of Chanakya Niti, which is a book written originally in Sanskrit with many wise quotes by him. The good point about his book "Chanakya Niti" is that most of its quotes are still relevant today and guide us to make right decisions in life.


If anyone follows his teachings religiously, then the chances of failure of that person are very thin. Therefore, lots of people follow his instructions to make right decisions in life. Though, Chankya was born in 350 B.C., he is still alive in front of us in the form of his great book "Chanakya Niti". He was a person who has the ability to think ahead of his time. 
It was the wisdom of him only which helped an ordinary boy Chandragupta to become first emperor of Maurya dynasty of India. Chanakya served as chief advisor to Chandragupta and his Bindusara and helped Maurya dynasty to flourish through his wisdom. He was believed to be the first person who dreamed about united India and achieved it through Maurya rule.

Chanakya, Chanakya Niti, Learning
It is difficult to define Chanakya in a single word, he was an ancient politician, diplomat, economist, scholar and a great thinker. Chanakya was the product of Takshashila University and he was an economics professor at the University. While at University, he observed that India will become very weak in the future because of the small rulers of that time who were mostly fighting with each other. Therefore, he thought about unified India and completed this plan through Maurya Dynasty, which ruled most of ancient India as per available archaeological data.

During his life, Chanakya faced many challenges and he successfully emerged winner after every challenge. Chanakya was a good observer and he has good knowledge of human psychology. He put of the nectar of his learning in his book "Chanakya Niti" which contain his quotes in Sanskrit on his observations and lessons he learnt in life.

What we can learn from Chanakya and Chanakya Niti -

       For every person, there is so much to learn from the life of Chanakya and his book Chanakya Niti. His life was full of struggles and still, he achieved what he dreamt of. His achievements were not ordinary and he showed a great example of leadership. He achieved most of his goals through others by motivating them to do so.

Learnings from the Life of Chankya -

1) Be a strong leader
2) Make higher goals in life
3) No goal is unreachable, if we strongly pursue it. 
4) Learn from mistakes of others 
5) Right Planning is the Key to Success. 
6) Choose the right people for the job.
7) Stay committed to your goals.

Some Wise Quotes and Learnings from Chanakya Niti- 

1) Two biggest strengths of the world are a discretion of the man and the beauty of a woman.  
2) One can earn money with intellect, but no one can buy intellect with money. 
3) A Noble Person treats a small favor like a big one.
4) Don't make fun of anyone's future by looking at his present condition because tomorrow has the power to change a small coal into a diamond.
5) Without Fear of Punishment, people start doing wrong things.
6) A person seeking an early accomplishment of his work does not wait for the stars to be in the right position.
7) If you see any merit in your enemy, then you should adopt them.
8) When you don't keep your idea or plan secret, then whole work gets destroyed.


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Here are few Famous Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

intellect, earn, money, Chanakya, Hindi, Thought, Quote
One can earn money with intellect
Noble Person, favor, Chanakya, Hindi, Chanakya QUote
A Noble Person Treats a small favor
Chanakya, Hindi, Thought, Quote, Future, Present, condition, tomorrow, power, diamond, coal
Don't make Fun of anyone's Future
Punishment, fear, wrong, things, Chanakya, Hindi Thought
Without Fear of Punishment
Wallpaper, Chanakya, Hindi, Quote, accomplishment, stars,
A person seeking an early Accomplishmen

Here are few famous Chanakya Quotes in English

King, Tiger, serpent, fool, dog, Chanakya, Quote,
Chanakya Wise Quote (The serpent, the king, the tiger)

Chanakya, Wise Quote, World, Biggest, Youth, Woman, beauty,
Chanakya Wise Quote (The world’s biggest power is the youth)

Chanakya, Wise Quote, Work, Questions, results, successful, answers,
Chanakya Wise Quote (Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions)

Chanakya, Quote, Niti, Future, Present, condition, diamond, coal,
Chanakya Wise Quote (Don't make fun of anyone's future by looking at his present)
There is so much to learn from the life of Chanakya and any person can improve himself by learning valuable lessons from the life of Chanakya and Chanakya Niti. You can read Complete Chanakya Niti in Hindi at and for Chanakya Niti in English Visit-

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10 Beautiful Birthday Cards (Picture Messages) with nice Birthday Wishes

Birthdays occupy a very special place in our life. Lots of people wait for their birthday for one year because birthday comes only once in a single year. Therefore, its importance increases many times. We and our near and dear ones have special bonding with this day because we came to the word on this day. It is great to wish someone on his birthday and make his day even more special. Here is a collection of 10 beautiful birthday card for you. All birthday cards are beautifully designed and they have beautiful birthday wishes written on them. All cards are based on Arvindkatoch's photography of rare flowers and nature. To get more such cards, you can visit-

Ten Beautiful Birthday Cards

1) Birthday Card on Beautiful Person 

Heart, Kind, Beautiful, Person, Happy Birthday, Card, HD

2) Happy Birthday Card on Celebrate Your Uniqueness

uniqueness, Card, HD, celebrate

3) Birthday Card on Happiness and Love

Birthday card, Happy birthday card, love, happiness

4) Birthday Card for Mom (Mother) 
Mother, Birthday, Happy birthday, birthday card, mom

5) Birthday Card for Special Day

Special day, happy birthday, birtdhay, exciting, pleasurable,

6) Birthday Card on Success and Opportunities

Opportunities, success, doors, birthday card, card, hppy birthday

7) Birthday Card on Biggest Gift
Biggest Gift, God, celebrate, life, Birthday card, Happy birthday,

8) Birthday Card on Love and Affection

love, affection, happy birthday, birthday card,

9) Birthday Card on Great Year Ahead

Great, year, happiness, happy birthday card,

10) Birthday Card on How Beautiful you ar
birthday, card, beautiful, eyes, Happy Birthday,

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