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Most of Times people don't mean what they say?

In a day to day life, we came across many people or we came across old people again and again. We say many things to them and they say many things to us. Numbers of times, we start believing what they say to us.

However, when the time comes to test what these people said then we realize that these people never meant what they said.

Like if someone said to you that he or she loves you very much or someone said that he or she will be ready for your help in difficult times. But you will never find these people when you require them most.

This is common story of the majority of people. However, the people who got most hurt are the people who genuinely want to do good for the other person or they did it in the past. But when they need something in return, then such false people just disappear or ignore your pain.

Mostly, we learn such things with time when many people deceive us. Then we start realizing that what they said was not true, or they never really meant what they said.

If you ha…