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Kangra Fort- A place to visit

Kangra Fort has great relevance in the history of the Kangra district and Katoch kingdom. This fort is situated just few kilometers from the present Kangra city. This fort has always remained pride for the people of Kangra. Situated over large area, this fort offers a great location to visit. This fort is situated at the top of a hill and besides a small river. Presently this fort is under renovation and taken over by the Government of India. People are required to pay Indian five rupees per person for visiting this fort. This fort contains many gardens, historical gates, temple and old monuments. This fort is worth visiting and is situated on main Kangra-Pathankot national highway. A small link road is available to visit this fort. Adjacent to this fort also situated a historical Jain temple and it is also visited by many Jain devotees every year. Temple of Goddess Ambika holds a great significance to the people katoch caste as it is temple of their Kul Devi. However due to years of …

Beautiful Himachal

Himachal is one of the most beautiful states of India due to this millions of tourists from around the world come here to enjoy the beauty of the Himachal. Below are some of the beautiful pictures showing the beauty of Himachal. These three photographs are taken at the location which are not mostly visited by the tourists and belongs to deep interior of Himachal.