Friday, July 22, 2016

How Good Behavior shapes your future?

Good Behavior, Future, We all are creating our future through our behavior because through our behavior, we are either making people conformable or uncomfortable. People who are feeling comfortable with our behavior are likely to associate with us for a long time, whereas people who do not feel comfortable are likely to leave us. A good behavior is always appreciated and people love to remain near such people. On the other hand, a bad behavior is always criticized and people hate to come close to such people.

We find many examples in the world where many financially successful people remain alone because of their bad behavior. Though, we live in a world which is dominated by money still good behavior is much appreciated and it is a rare thing. Good behavior, we can only expect from the people with good heart and it is always better to live with a person with a good heart, than to live with a wicked hearted rich person. When you show a good behavior to a person, then the person may remember it for his whole life and always remember you with good thoughts.

Whereas our bad behavior like saying harsh words to someone may be remembered by the person for whole life and he may remember us with negative thoughts. Therefore, it is very important for a good future to invest in Good behavior and make others comfortable. When we become part of good memories for others, then they show more respect to us and tries to return back good behavior. Sometimes, due to ignorance or ego, we treat others badly and hurt others. Such behaviors affect our future and people start leaving us. So for a good and happy future do invest in good behavior.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

10 Beautiful Birthday Cards in French language (Cartes d'anniversaire) with use of True Pictures from Nature

Here is a collection of 10 beautiful Birthday Cards in French language (Cartes d'anniversaire) . All these French Birthday Cards are based on true and beautiful pictures from nature like flowers. Birthday cards are an excellent solution to convey our best wishes a person on his special day. So we need an excellent birthday card to convey our message in depth. All these French Birthday Cards are made from beautiful pictures with a nice birthday wish written on them. To find more birthday cards in French Language, you can visit site- where you can find more birthday cards in french language.

1) French Birthday Card (je tiens à vous souhaiter une journée remplie)-

souhaiter, journée, remplie, bonheur, French Birthday Card, happiness, joy,
je tiens à vous souhaiter une journée remplie de bonheur

2) French Birthday Card (La vie est le plus grand cadeau)- 

Happy Birthday Card, French Card, Joyeux anniversaire, carte,
Carte de Joyeux anniversaire  

3) French Birthday Card (Jour de naissance on personne spéciale)-

de carte,  jour de naissance, anniversaire, personne spéciale, bon cœur, French, Birthday Card
De Carte Heureux Jour de

4) French Birthday Card (Sur votre journée spéciale)-
journée, spéciale, life, nouvelles, success, joyeux anniversaire, French, Birthday card
Sur votre journée spéciale
5) French Birthday Card (je vous souhaite une vie pleine de plaisir) -

anniversaire, jouissance, French Birthday card,
je vous souhaite une vie pleine de plaisir et de jouissance ...

6) French Birthday Card (Il est de votre journée)- 

journée, meilleur., oublier, passé, Joyeux anniversaire, French Birthday Card,
l est de votre journée 
7) French Birthday Card (Les anniversaires sont le meilleur)-
life, french birthday card, lily flower, flower card,
Les anniversaires sont le meilleur moment pour remercier

8) French Birthday Card (sur les désirs de coeur)- 
Birthday Card, Heart Desires, French Birthday Card, de carte, coeur désire
J'espère que votre journée spéciale vous apporte

9) French Birthday Card (Comptez votre âge par des amis)- 
Sourires, Comptez, annees, French Birtdhay Card, Smile, Tears
Comptez votre âge par des amis

10) French Birthday Card (Puissent vos bénédictions toujours)-

Puissent, bénédictions, toujours, dépasser, âge, French, Birthday Card
Puissent vos bénédictions toujours dépasser votre âge.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Easy Goals give Small Returns but Tough Goals give higher returns


We all have some goals in life which we want to achieve. However, many people never reach their goals because they stop in between somewhere working on their goals. We can only reach our goals when day and night we keep on working towards our goals. Some people have easy goals in life and some have tough goals. Therefore, people with easy goals reach their destination first and people with tough goals need more time and hard work.

Sometimes, we see the people with easy goals, achieving their goals and become jealous of their achievements. We start believing that they are better than us because they succeeded in achieving their goals. However, we forget the main point that their goals were not as hard as our goals.  Moreover, easy goals results in small returns while hard or higher goals give much higher returns. Therefore, you should remain focused on your goals and put all efforts to achieve them.

If you are facing difficulties in accomplishing your goals, then do remember that your goals are tough and you need more hard efforts to achieve them. And also remember that your goals are special ones and they are going to provide you much higher returns as compared to others. When you have clarity on this matter, then only you can work to achieve your harder goals which will guarantee you higher returns.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How your fears are used to sell you things which you may never buy?

Today, lots of industries use common human fears and greed to sell their products to common people which they may never buy. Insurance is one of major example of industries which sell us its products by using our fears. We buy a health policy and pay premiums year after year to save ourselves from a financial problem during a health problem. We all know that it costs lots of money to pay the medical bills when we or our near one goes through a serious health issue.

To decrease our fears, we buy a health insurance, which assures us of certain financial aid during a such situation. However, here we don't understand that we are doing this because of our fears and this situation may never occur to us. On the other hand, we keep some money side every year for health problems, then within a few years, we may aggregate good money for health related issues.

All money you pay as health insurance premium will go in the pocket of insurance companies, while any money you save for health problems will be yours and if no health problem occurs, then you can use this money for any other cause.

For example, You buy a Rs 4 Lakh family health cover for a yearly premium of Rs 12000, then every year you are paying Rs 12000 for same Rs 4 Lakh cover. In 10 years, you pay company Rs 120000. However, if we put this money in a bank or some other option for compound interest of 8%, then it becomes approximately Rs 2 Lakh in 10 years.

Instead of making an insurance company rich, we can plan to increase our wealth. In this way, we increases our wealth and become self sufficient. Only, we need to stop these companies from playing with our fears.

If a person starts early saving some money for health issues, then by the age of 35, he can have a good amount in bank to tackle such issues which he can keep on increasing till he is alive. In this way, you increases your wealth and covers risk factors.


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