Saturday, September 11, 2010

Problem of Cigarette Addiction

Today, Billions of people across the world are indulged in cigarette smoking and some of these people can be considered as Cigarette addicts. I have few friends and known ones, who smoke 10-25 cigarettes a day. Moreover, these people enjoy their cigarette smoking so much that they do not want to leave it at any cost. In past few years, Government of India has increased prices of cigarettes many times but this increase has hardly decreased enthusiasm of these people towards cigarette.

Cigarettes are made from refined Tobacco and nicotine is main psychoactive chemical present in a cigarette. Various scientific studies have already shown that Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and each cigarette smoking can shorten life span of a person by 11 minutes. Now as per this data, my friends are losing 110 to 265 minutes of their life daily. Government of India has even increased size of warning on each cigarette pack; however, still it has not made any positive impact on these cigarette smokers. The main reason behind this addiction to cigarette is physiological.

Mostly cigarette smoker believe that they can’t find mental relief in their life without cigarette smoking. In the present stressful life, many people find a refugee in cigarette smoking thus giving themselves some imaginary relief for some minutes. It is important for people to consider that Cigarette smoking will only provide temporary relief with many side effects; therefore, it is important to come out of this addiction as early as possible.

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