Monday, April 06, 2009

How to download video and Audio from Youtube and other similar services for free?

Many times, we all find many attractive and favourite videos and audios on popular services like youtube, mega video, metacafe, google videos etc. At that time, we wish for a service or software which can make it possible for us to download these videos or only audios. However, up to few months back we do not have any good free solutions available to do so, though, there was few paid software available in market. Today, I will share multiple options with people to download videos and audios from youtube and similar services very easily. All these services are available for free cost and some services even do not require you to download anything.

1) Real Player 11 (free version)- With the help of latest version of real player i.e. real player 11, it is possible for people to download any video available online and from any player. First people are required to install free version of real player 11 which is easily available on real player official website After installing real player 11, a small download icon will start opening above the video once video starts and people can easily download any video by pressing on this download button. This whole process is very easy and this option works for almost all video players and popular services like youtube. I am using this service from last few months and this service is working very fine.

2) - If people do not want to install anything then this service is good for them. However, this service only works for popular video sharing services like youtube. On this site, people get two options to download either audio only or complete video. People can easily download videos and audios in multiple formats like mp3, wav, mp4, avi, mpg, mov, 3gp etc. For downloading videos or audios, people are required to first select audio or video download option then adding the url (this is url of video provided by particular service like youtube as of video in box. Within a minute, this service will provide a download link of desired format audio and video.

3) This is similar free service like and follow similar process.

4) - This is similar free service like

5) - This service only provides an option to download audio files in mp3 format. Procedure is very simple like and people are required to add url of video from youtube or metacafe to download audio file in mp3 format.

6) - This is another same service for downloading audio only like

7) - This service only work for youtube and audio download.

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