Friday, March 13, 2009

What is a blog?

A blog is a web based tool available in the hands of people which help them in publishing their contents online. People can easily publish contents like articles, pictures, videos etc with the help of blogs. A blog can also be termed as an online dairy because; concept of a blog has come from concept of an online dairy. In late 80’s few techie decided to start their online dairies and then share these dairies with their friends online.

With this concept of online dairy later blogging become a reality. Up to 90’s blogs were only restricted to few technically strong people, however, in late 90’s slowly blogs started becoming available for general public with the launch of by Pyra Labs. In 2003, this service got more boast when Google bought this service and made this free blogging service available to billions of people across the world.

In the mean time, we also saw launch of number of other popular blogging services like, etc. Today, we can easily find millions of such services available online. Presently, blogging has become richer and advanced with the introduction of new features. Overall, it is very easy to start a blog and most of blogging services like are available for free of cost.

People can get the help of article How to create a Blogger Blog video tutorial for creating a free blogger blog account. People can also get the help of article Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog? for comparing various blogging services and choose a one for them.

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How to earn 1000 dollar with Google/Adsense?

How to earn 1000 dollar with Google/Adsense?

This article is an extension of my earlier article “How to earn $1000 per month with Blogging in India?”. In earlier article, I told people about three ways to earn $1000 or more per month through blogging. Google asdesne was first option among those three options which I discussed to achieve goal of earning $1000 per month. In this article, I will tell in more detail about Google adsense and how people can earn more than $1000 per month with it. (Do not know what is a blog visit What is a blog?)

Today, Google adsense is top monetizing options available in front of millions of bloggers from across the world because it allows almost every blogger to use its services unless blogger does not violate its terms and conditions. There are many other competitors of Google adsense in market; however, most of them need minimum number of visitors per day or fail in providing quality advertising.

The other major advantage behind the success of Google adsense is huge collection of ads in its kitty which can cater to almost any blog. Google adsense provide two options of earning money with its ads. One is per click which is more popular (you make money whenever any person clicks on your Google ads) and other is per thousand impressions (you earn money when an ad is shown for thousand times on your website, though it is not necessary that ad must shows thousand times on your website, however, you will be paid a rate based on per thousand impression). Google adsense also provide solutions like Google search, Google ads for mobile website, Google ads for feeds, Google ads for parked domain names.

However, majority of revenue for bloggers comes from per click ads. People can hope to earn from $.01 to $ 10 per click on their ads. There are many ads which can give as low as $.01 per click and there are few big ads which can give $10 per click, though, I have seen maximum of $4 from single click from ad on my website. However, mostly general ads remain in the range of $.05 to $.50. Below, I am sharing few ways to get maximum revenue out of Google adsense account.

1) Optimise Google Ads- It is very important for any blogger using Google Adsense program to optimise Google ads well on blog. It is necessary to show ads at best location on blog so that people can easily watch them. It is always a good idea to past Google ads in those locations which load first because in this way visitors get an opportunity to go through ads while your page loads. Second, try to blend ads in your blog template so that they look same part of your blog. Blogger can easily achieve this by changing background colour of ads to same as background of your blog and changing colour of main Title line of ad to colour of links on your blog. By making these changes, Google ads will start looking similar to other links on your blog. By making these changes, blogger can easily see 50-150% increase in Google/adsense earning.

2) Importance of content- Google adsense place ads on any blog by reading content of your blog e.g. if you blog covers various flowers and related stuff then Google adsense will place ads related to flower industry on your blog. However, many times new bloggers do a common mistake they create a mixed kind of blogs and posts. They try to cover number of topics and key words in their blogs and posts. Due to this reason, these blogger see unrelated or public service ads on their blogs. This only happens when Google fails in finding relevant ads for your blogs. It is very important for bloggers to write right targeted and keyword oriented posts, so that Google ad robots can determine that which ads to show on your blog. Therefore, you will make money with adsense once you have ads displaced by Google.

3) Different Weightage of differnet topics and contents- It is very important for all bloggers to understand that Google adsense gives different importance to different contents. It will pay more for ads on content which it rates important and it will pay less for ads on content which it rates unimportant e.g. general topic post or blog is likely to get less payout per click as compared to highly targeted cancer related blog. In some categories like electronic products, love, stock market, diseases and medicines etc, we can see higher payouts in the range of $.20 to $ 5. Therefore, it is always beneficial to work on specific categories which pay us more.

4) Optimising posts/Blogs- It is very important for all bloggers to get visitors for their blogs and posts so that they can use displayed ads. Mostly, there exist a direct relation between increase in number of visitors and increase in revenue from Google adsense, though, it is not an exact direct relation but we will mostly see an increase. Therefore, it becomes important for people to optimise their posts and blogs in different mediums like search engines, social networks, useful resources etc so that more people should visit their blogs and posts. In coming days, I will write a separate article to address this issue.

5) Do not Panic- It is very important for all bloggers to remember that Google adsense revenue can fluctuate significantly over a period of time e.g. say you earn $ 500 from Google adsense this month then it is not guaranteed that you will earn $ 500 or more next month. However, with constant work and focus we can see constant increase in our average earning.

These are few tricks and suggestions which can make Google adsense experience better for people.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog?

We can easily find number of options available in front of us for starting a new blog (What is a blog?). However, many new blogger faces this dilemma that which service is best for them for long run because there are many blogging services available which look very attractive initially but do not pay in long run. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose a right kind of blogging platform initially so that we do not face any problem in future. Below, I am reviewing few blogging services for the help of new bloggers.

1) – Today, hardly need any introduction because this free blogging platform from Google has done great favour to blogging. is highest used blogging platform across the world. is 10 times bigger than its nearest rivals. Major reason behind the success of is its simplicity and easy tools. With the help of any person can easily start blogging without worrying about complex functions or html codes, due to this reason, is very popular among new users. Second reason behind the popularity of is option to use free of cost for life time. Initially, there was one big problem with blogger that bloggers were restricted to a sub domain name addresses like, however, from last two years, has integrated free domain name change option in to change blog address from sub domain address to proper domain name address like Bloggers can also find multiple templates available free of cost online to give new and different look to their blogger blogs. I always suggest to all new blogger because of its easy to use and life time free services.

2) Second place goes to Wordpress is popular in two formats, one as free blogging service like second as popular blogging software. From last many years, wordpress has remained top choice of bloggers who want to host their own blog and choose an individual domain name. In last two years, number of other free software have also entered in market to give competition to wordpress, however, still wordpress is one of the most popular blogging software used by bloggers to create self hosted blogs. is also a popular free blogging service used by large number of bloggers across the world. However, the problem with is that it not completely free and it is more expensive than other services available in market. While there are number of benefits too attached with as it gives more advanced services than to bloggers.

3) Number three position goes to Unlike first two services this service is paid blogging service and their plans starts from $5 per month. Among paid bogging service available online typepad is most popular. also provides blogger help in earning money through blogging. They claim that they have their own advertiser network which provides best ads on typepad blogs. Bloggers can easily try this blogging service by going for their free trial package. Overall, I will not recommend this service to bloggers because there are many good free blogging solutions available online like

4) is fourth blogging solution available in front of us. Xanga is basically a community based blogging platform where large number of bloggers post and read each other posts. These kinds of platforms provide a great help to new bloggers because they can easily get readers for their posts. is good for bloggers who want to blog only for fun while this service is not best alternative for long term blogging and making money from blogs.

5) is fifth blogging cum website making solution available in front of us. People can easily create free websites and blogs with the help of People can easily choose from large number of attractive templates and designs available with weebly,com. Weebly also provide many advance and cool features and it is very easy to construct a new weebly blog.

6) Started by high school boy in 1999, Livejournal has seen many changes. Today, Livejournal is one of most popular community based blogging platforms available in front of bloggers. This service provides a great option to all those people who remain interested in community based blogging platforms.

These are six blogging options which I will suggest to any new blogger. People can make their own choice as per their taste and requirement.

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How to earn $1000 per month with Blogging in India?

Today, we all know the importance and acceptance of a blog (What is a blog?) in present world. In recent times, blogs have emerged as a favourite option for online communication, due to this reason; we see millions of people and companies using blogs for various uses. My first reason of choosing blogging was fun, however, while blogging I learned few options to earn good money. Presently, I am entering fifth year of blogging and in these four years, I have seen many ups and downs related to blogging. Before starting to blog, I have no idea that I can earn good money with the help of blogging. Below, I will share three authentic options available in front of us to earn more than $1000 per month with regular blogging (Which are Best Blogging services to start a new Blog?).

1) Google Adsense- I received my first earning cheque from blogging with Google adsense program. It was $ 108 cheque which I received in late 2005. From that time I have received several cheques from Google ranging from $ 100 to $ 1100. Like me, there are millions of people spread across the world who are earning regular income from Google adsense program in the tune of $ 100 to $ 100000 per month, though; we can count people on our finger tips earning more than $10000. Despite all these big guys, any person can easily hope to get $ 100 to $ 500 per month with regular blogging. The major advantage with Google adsense program is that it is very simple to implement and people can start earning money from day one. (How to earn 1000 dollar with Google/Adsense? )

2) Sponsored Posts- In 2006, bloggers across the world saw another revolution in blogging field with the introduction of number of players sponsoring post on blogs. Bloggers started getting proposals of paid blogging in the tune of $ 5 to $ 200 per post. Most of these players choose page rank as criteria for paying blogger per post e.g. more money for higher page rank blogs. Lots of blogger across the world got advantage of these opportunities and earned money in the tune of $ 5 to $ 5000 per month.

3) Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest earning options available for bloggers and this option is still helping lot of bloggers. Though, this option is only suitable for niche bloggers (bloggers covering a specific topic) or bloggers having huge readership. By affiliating with proper programs, any blogger can easily hope to earn revenue in the tune of $ 1 to $ 10000 per month. In affiliate marketing, bloggers are paid money when someone buys a product or service by using their affiliate link.

These are three options which I am using presently, though; I have tried number of other options too but later came back to these options. According to many experience, I will suggest people to concentrate on these three options initially to earn money.
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Monday, March 09, 2009

State of Being Happy

Mostly, we all people believe that no person in this world can always remain happy because we see ourselves and others being constantly affected by constant outcomes of life. Sometimes, we all feel lot of happiness and simultaneously, we feel pain and sorrow too. Moreover, interestingly we feel pain and sorrow more than we feel happiness in life. Therefore, we all started believing that it is not possible for us or other people to remain happy always.

However, there are few people or saints in our world who know the secret of remaining happy always because they know about state of being happy. Any person in this world can think about attaining a state of happiness once he learns to separate himself from worldly outcomes and miseries. For living a healthy and happy life, it is very important for all of us to learn ancient secrets written in ancient books. Few of these secrets, we can find ikn ancient Hindu religious book “Bhagwat Geeta”.

In this book, Lord Krishna reveals many secrets of happiness in front of his devotee Arjuna. God tells Arjuna to not worry about what is not in hand and only concentrate on what he can do? However, the main problem in present world is that we people worry more about future but give very importance to what is in our hand. Therefore, we see only lot of unhappy faces around us. Lord Krishna also emphasises on importance of Karma (doing) rather than just thinking or worrying.

God further tells that our job is to do work and leave all worries of outcome to god. People around the world who know most of these secrets enjoy great bless and happiness in their life.

How to get free domain name?

Today, we all live in an online world where we our dependence on domain names is very high. We can easily find billions of domain names around us offering number of solutions. Every domain name is made up of few words and followed by extensions like .com, .in, .us, .biz, .info etc. People can easily buy these domain names for $ 3 to $ 15 depending on the prevailing rate of particular extension they are buying. However, buying a domain for free of cost is almost difficult.

Recently, came with a unique project to provide free extension domain names to all people across the world. In this way, becomes first domain extension available for free of cost. People can easily register two free domain names from this website and by donating as little as $ 10 people can register 100 more domain names. Therefore, we can say that any person can get 102 domain names by spending only $10 for which we most get a single domain name.

Already, this service has become very popular and lot of people have started using this service. Company also says that this service will remain free in future. People can also easily integrate this service with popular services like blogger and google applications (tutorial is available in the FAQ page on this site). After getting this free domain name option, we can hope to get many such options in future which will also offer free domain names to us. I request people, who have used this service to write their feedbacks in comment sections.

Get free domain name

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cheap Home Loans and Home Dream

Finally, recession has bought some good news for Indians that they can now get cheap home loans from government banks. There are number of government banks which are offering cheap home loans which are much cheaper then home loans which were available just one year back. This is overall great news for all Indians because in this way we can easily complete our dream of own new home.

Second, people are also getting good news from the reality sector which is decreasing the price of homes and apartments considerable due to decrease in demand of homes. Third, many big real estate companies are tying up with commercial banks to offer attractive home loan options. Today, we can easily read many such ads in news paper where people can find very attractive deals.

Overall, this is a great relief for all those people who are not able to buy homes due to the steep rise in prices of homes. It has become even easier for government employees to get home loans because many banks and financial units are only targeting them because of surety of returns. In coming months also, we can see same trend continuing in India and emergence of new cheaper home buying options for people.

If recession continued for some more time then we can even expect much bigger offers and much cheaper home loans. Ultimately, it is a dream of having own home, which now many people can easily fulfil thanks to these cheap home loans.

My Blogging Experience

Before starting blogging, I have no idea that I will one day do blogging; however, this is what we call unexpected outcomes of life. There are many good things and skills which I have learned with the help of blogging and one of which is online marketing. Today, I feel more confident in blogging which was not so with me when I started blogging.

One of my initial blog is On this blog, I have written more than 2700 article and still writing many new ones. The best thing about blogging is that it opens up many doors for you and you can gain huge amount of knowledge. Today, we see even big stars coming in to blogging which shows us the power of blogging. Second attraction in blogging is good opportunity of making money.

Already there are large number of people in India and world who are earning lakhs and crores of rupees with blogs. Though, money is not prime reason of my attraction towards blogging. I love doing number of experiments with blogging and raising few issues. By writing few articles, I get feeling of contributing something to society. Today, blogging is a great tool available in front of us and we all can make best use of it.

Prediction for Loksabha Election 2009 (Opinion Poll)

For live results visit-Live Loksabha Election 2009 Results

Slowly, Loksabha elections are coming very near; therefore, people want to know that who will form next government in India. Today, we have number of predictions and polls available in front of us which are telling us some trends of coming Loksabha Election results. All polls are predicting, fight between two main alliances UPA and NDA in India. UPA is presently in government with the help of Samajwadi Party, whereas NDA is in opposition. UPA works under the leadership of Congress while NDA works under the leadership of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). Both alliance want to make next government in India themselves or with the help of other small parties. There are total 543 seats in Loksabha and any alliance needs support of 272 Member Parliaments (MPs). Most of surveys and exit polls are predicting that Congress lead UPA is more near to form government than BJP lead NDA alliance, though, nobody is sure about final outcome of Loksabha elections. There are chances that UPA will win 230-240 seats where NDA can win 180-200 seats. UPA has recently become stronger by making post poll alliance with Trinamool Congress. Therefore, UPA looks more near of making a next government. However, Indian politics have always remained unpredictable which makes it more complex.
Below, people can find combined estimate of all these polls for forthcoming Loksabha election 2009.

For latest update visit-Final Predictions Loksabha Election 2009 (Exit Poll)

State Totalseats Congress BJP Others

AP 42 20 0 14 (TDP) 4 (TRS) 4 Oths
Assam 14 5 3 4 (AJP) 2 Oths
Bihar 37 0 9 13 JD(U) 3 LJP 10 RJD 2 OTH
Chhattisgarh 11 5 6 0
Delhi 7 5 2 0
Gujarat 26 6 20
Goa 2 1 1
Haryana 10 4 2 3 (INL) 1 Oth
HP 4 1 3
J&K 6 1 1 3 (NC) 1 (PDP)
Jharkhand 14 5 7 2 Oths
Karnataka 28 10 15 3 JD(S)
Kerala 20 12 0 8 (Left)
Rajasthan 25 17 8
MP 29 8 21
Maharashtra 48 15 10 13 (SS) 10 (NCP)
North-East 11 4 0 2 (NCP) 5 (Oths)
Orissa 21 8 6 7 (BJD)
Punjab 13 4 3 6 (Akali Dal)
Tamilnadu 39 4 0 12 (AIDMK) 6 (PMK) 15 (DMK) 2 (MDMK)
UP 80 6 15 26 (SP) 32 (BSP) 2 OTHs
Uttarakhand 5 2 3
UTs 6 3 0 3 Oths
West Bengal 42 8 0 24 (left) 10(TC)

Disclaimer: These predictions are clearly based on data and information gathered by author from his resources. Author is not currently member of any political party in India. Author also tries to provide information in unbiased manner not favouring or disapproving any political party. People are advised to vote freely without getting influenced by these predictions.

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